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Keep it simple and clean site - nice I like that fast upload - nice! cheers!
- ira -
Saya senang dengan adanya web yang memuat data tentang properti yang yang ditawarkan, mungkin ini web pertama di ina yang menyajikan data-data properti. Cuma masalahnya adalah saya mencari properti pendapatan yg bisa didanai dengan dengan pinjaman Bank atau KPR. Kebanyakan properti yg saya incar tidak ada dalam web ini (kebanyakan properti baru kan). Saya sih pengennya web ini juga memuat properti pendapatan yang dijual dan kebanyakan itu properti lama, bukan baru. Dan juga ditampilkan tata cara mengajukan pinjaman ke Bank, biaya notaris untuk penutupan, biaya komisi broker, dan lainnya. Mungkin untuk kedepannya ini bisa dijadikan masukan. Terus maju untuk papanbuletin.
- Sammy -
Sebelumnya perkenalkan saya Admin di Coldwell Banker Permata ( takut lupa ). Saya ucapkan Terima kasih banyak pada papanbuletin.com yg telah menjadi rekanan Coldwell Banker Permata dalam pemasangan iklan di Internet. Mudah-mudahan ikatan ini dapat berlangsung dengan baik seterusnya. Komen : formatnya bagus banget lho dibanding dengan iklan internet yang lain. Note : Oh iya Puput titip salam juga.
- Ridwan, Coldwell Banker Permata -
Kemarin saya dikontak tim papanbuletin, sehubung dengan properti saya yang baru saja terjual. Sebab properti saya terjual lewat papanbuletin, jadi diminta beraspirasi saya cuman mao bilang saya senang ada papanbuletin, sehingga sangat memudahkan bagi pencari properti. saya juga senang dengan pengelolaan website yang kelihatan sangat profesional. Semoga papanbuletin maju terus. Mao cari properti yah ke papanbuletin.
- Rahmat -
Terima kasih banyak kepada tim papanbuletin, ruko kami dapat terjual dengan cepat.
- Lily -

Is Papanbuletin.com a property agent?
No, Papanbuletin.com is a property search guide which advertises the properties of property agents. We partners with the finest property agents to make things easier and quicker for you to get to your ideal property.

I’ve found the perfect property on your site! How do I get more information?
If you’re interested in a property on our site, but need further information than what is displayed, you should contact the estate agent shown next to the property, using the contact details provided with each property.

I’m looking for specific listings. How do I find them?
You can type the type of the property followed by the description or the address or the region where the property is located in the quick search column. For instance, if you want to find a luxurious house, just type 'House Lux'. If you happen to know the property ID, you can put the ID as well, eq. 'House 1'.
Important Note: Don't forget to specify the property type you are looking.

I want to advertise my property with Papanbuletin.com. How can i do that?
You have to become our member to do that. Add your listings, make payment, notify us of the payment. We will review your listings before you can see them appeared on Papanbuletin.com. Please fill in the form completely. We will not upload your property if we find your property's information is not sufficient.

How much do I have to pay to put my property listing in Papanbuletin.com?
For standard listing, you need to pay Rp 100.000,- per listing, so that we can continuously improve our commitment to give you the best service. If you put your listing with us, it will stay there without time limitation until the property's transaction dealt (either sold or rented). Please inform us, once your property's transaction dealt so we can delist them from Papanbuletin.com. Property listings that are not updated within a year periode will be deleted for our maintenance purposes.

Will it cost me anything to search a property on Papanbuletin.com?
No, Papanbuletin.com is completely free for searching a property. By registering with us, you can save your property searches in your folder, so that you can perform the same searches on another visit.

I want to increase traffic to my property listings in Papanbuletin.com. How can i do that?
Provide information as complete as possible. Updates them regularly. Updated property is listed at the top. If money is no issue, put them in our special listing package. You can have photos more than one, which will looks more attractive to visitors.

I want to edit my property listing. How can i do that?
Go to My Buletin >> My Property >> click on 'Edit property' button (the first button). It will take you to the editing page.

My property has been sold. I no longer need service from Papanbuletin.com. What should i do?
Go to My Buletin >> My Property >> click on 'Close property' button (the most right button). It will close down your property listing. You can also delete the property listing (the middle button). However we strongly recommend you to use the close button instead, so that we can track how many listings you have successfully advertise with us.

How do I cancel my newsletter and/or communications from Papanbuletin.com?
You can cancel these by going to your profile, listed under My Buletin. Then simply untick the box for newsletter and/or for communications from Papanbuletin.com.

I have a question that is not covered here, how do I get an answer?
If your question is not answered here, please write them down on contact us page or email to support@papanbuletin.com.

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